We Have Wood Pellets IN STOCK!

Fred's Sports and Furniture has Premium Wood Pellets. We use our large warehouse to stock wood pellets year round so you can stay warm all winter long. When everyone else is sold out, we have wood pellets In Stock!

Premium Wood Pellets

98% Oak Pellets!

We stock Greenway Premium, O'Malley, Hammer and American Wood Fibers wood pellets. Greenway wood pellets burn consistantly hot with an extremely small amount of ash. Greenway pellets are made of clean, kiln-dried sawdust and wood waste materials. These pellets are made of 100% recycled wood waste and therefore no new trees must be cut and they are proudly Made in the USA.

We carry 40 pound bags and sell it per bag or by the ton!

Summer Pre-Season Sale! Call for Details!

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